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Scientific Publications

  • Ben-David E.*, Domb A. J.*, Liao H., Kumar A., Nissenbaum I., Stechele M., Siman P., Greenbaum N., Lev Cohain N., and Goldberg S. N.*, Biomacromolecules,  23 (4), 1672–1679 (2022). 

"Characterization and  valuation of Injectable Biodegradable Polymer Multimodality Radiologic Markers in an In Vivo Murine Model" 

  • Ghosh, R, Siman, P, Domb, AJ. Polym Adv Technol., 1- 8 (2022)

"Poly(ester-anhydrides) with controlled molecular weight and structure."​


University of California, Berkekey,

Berkekey, CA, USA

  • Fracaroli A. M., Siman P., Nagib D. A., Suzuki M., Furukawa H., Toste F. D., and Yaghi O. M. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138 (27), 8352–8355 (2016)

“Seven Post-Synthetic Covalent Reactions in Tandem Leading to Enzyme-Like Complexity within Metal-Organic Framework Crystals”

  • Siman P., Trickett C., Furukawa H., and Yaghi O. M., Chem. Commun., 51, 17463-17466 (2015)

“L-Aspartate Links for Stable Sodium Metal-Organic Frameworks”


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,

Beer-Shevaa', Israel

  • Krutauz D.,# Reis N.,# Nakasone M., Siman P., Zhang D., Kirkpatrick D., Gygi S., Brik A., Fushman D. and Glickman M. H.*, Nat. Chem. Biol. 10, 664–670 (2014)

“Extended ubiquitin species are protein-based DUB inhibitors”

  • Siman P.,# Karthikeyan S. V.,# Nikolov M., Fischle W. and Brik A.* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.52, 8059-8063, (2013). (# contributed equally)

“Convergent Chemical Synthesis of Histone H2B Protein for the Site Specific Ubiquitination at Lys34”

  • Shema-Yaacoby E.,# Nikolov M.,# Haj-Yahya M., Siman P., Allemand E., Yamaguchi Y., Muchardt C., Urlaub H., Brik A., Oren M.* and Fischle W.* Cell Reports 4, 601-608, (2013)

“Systematic identification of proteins binding to chromatin-embedded ubiquitylated H2B reveals recruitment of the SWI/SNF complex to regulate transcription”

  • Moyal T.,# Hemantha H. P.,# Siman P., Refua M. & Brik A.* Chem. Sci. 4, 2496-2501, (2013).

“Efficient One-Pot Ligation and Desulfurization”

  • Siman, P., Karthikeyan, S. V. & Brik, A.* Org. Lett. 14, 1520-1523, (2012).

“Native Chemical Ligation at Glutamine”

  • Siman, P. & Brik, A.* Org. Biomol. Chem. 10, 5684-5697 (2012).

“Chemical and Semisynthesis of Posttranslationally Modified Proteins”

  • Siman, P.,# Blatt, O.,# Moyal, T., Danieli, T., Lebendiker, M., Lashuel, H. A., Friedler, A.* & Brik, A.* ChemBioChem 12, 1097-1104 (2011). (# contributed equally)

“Chemical Synthesis and Expression of the HIV-1 Rev Protein”

  • Harpaz, Z., Siman, P., Kumar, K. S. A. & Brik, A.* ChemBioChem 11, 1232-1235 (2010).

“Protein Synthesis Assisted by Native Chemical Ligation at Leucine”


BSc & MSc

Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Jerusalem, Israel

  • D. Cohn, P. Siman - US Patent App. 12/737,920, 2011

Novel biodegradable adhesive compositions

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