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Peter Siman, PhD

Dr. Siman is an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of extensive experience in management and diverse chemistry fields, in particular the synthesis and characterization of pharmaceutical polymers, peptides and proteins, engineering polymers and composites.


Dr. Siman is the co-founder and CEO of IntraGel Therapeutics, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. Intragel offers  local long-acting anti-cancer drugs to treat solid tumors without side-effects or complicated procedure.  



Dr. Siman is consultant for multiple scientific proposals, startup companies, industrial companies, and prominent research groups.


Previously, Dr. Siman held the position of innovation project manager at Polyram Plastic Industries LTD and research assistant and University of California, Berkeley.

Up to date, Dr. Siman has published over 12 papers, four of them as the first author, one patent and one review.

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